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    “她力量”│澤世前進的推動力 She-Power┃The driving force of Herocean


    “她力量”│澤世前進的推動力 She-Power┃The driving force of Herocean


           International Working Women's day, its full name is "the UN women's Rights and the International Day of Peace" or "UN Women's Rights and International Peace Day", also known as "International Women's Day","38 Women's Day" in China,it is established in celebration of the women’s contribution and efforts in areas such as economy, politics and society on March 8 of every year. With the progress and the development of society, women are playing an increasingly important role in all walks of life. Beautiful and kind, a dutiful wife and loving mother, is not enough to summarize the greatness of today's women anymore, they are gentle and strong, they deserves all the beautiful labels given by the society.


           In our Herocean family, "She-Power" plays an extremely important role in the process of realizing the Group's goal for creating a better life for African people, they are dedicated in the face of their work, they never behave inferior in front of males; they are positive in the face of life, and their heroic posture is always blooming! Today, allow me to show you the shining look of Herocean Roses!


    The Herocean "She-Power" in China are doing their duty faithfully to provide support for overseas colleagues


           At home, in order to eliminate the worries of colleagues in Africa, they work tirelessly, stick to their posts or run between departments, and always respond to problems of frontline in the first time. For them, time difference is not a problem, Cross-cultural communication is not a barrier, where there is a request, there is a response.




    They are the breeze, the sunset glow, the heartbeat, and the irreplaceable power!



    Overseas "She-Power" are working tirelessly to build the African dream of Herocean


           Africa, where the place is more than 10,000 kilometers away from China, the presence of Herocean "She-Power" can be seen everywhere in more than 30 cities of 11 countries. Among them, there are the national general manager who constantly leads us to expand our business; there are the city manager who is skilled and enthusiastic; there are the HR and administrative manager who is willing to serve; there are also financial workers who make the most use of the company's capital; and there are hundreds of African female colleagues with different skin colors but the same goal. They each individual is flashing the female peculiar brilliance, they may have multiple identity: mother, daughter, wife, but they are a member of Herocean, they are Herocean pride, they are the indelible wonderful part of development history!



    Women Represents in Zambia, Tanzania,  Uganda,Kenya,Rwanda,Mozambique,Ghana


    Pass through mountain and river, the world is still worthwhile.



           March 8 is a time to memorize love, praise, and gratitude, the beautiful emotions that bind us all together. Given this, I want to say to all Herocean goddesses, happy holidays! Thank you all for your hard work, and I wish you many more wonderful things that make you laugh and delight!